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How to Recycle Storage Bins

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Recycle is the process of reusing and upcycling old substances to form new products that are entirely different from the old one. In this case, we are looking at the best ways you can recycle and reuse old storage bins to make new things. There are various categories of storage bins like aluminum tins, cans, and drums but the ones that are recyclable are the plastic storage bins.

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The storage bin is a container that you can use to keep and preserve your precious substances and products from rodents, ants, air, and moisture. There are various storage bins that can fit your purposes. You have the water bottles, laundry soap bottles, milk cartons, cottage cheese tubs, tins, cans, drums, tanks, and many others. Some of these storage bins are made with papers, wood, aluminum, and plastics.

However, we are looking at the various ways you can recycle and reuse old storage bins. Recycling old storage bins could be very difficult and hard. These are the ways you can recycle your plastic storage bins. Or click here for other solutions.

  1. Locate a government agency in your locality or a company that can accept your storage bins. You can also search online for anyone closer to your residence, where you can easily transfer the old storage bins for recycling.
  2. Buy plastic storage bins made of recycled plastic You can get recycled plastic materials in stores like Target or Walmart. TerraCycle recycles these products; you can also order them directly from their website.
  3. You can reuse your plastic storage bins in various ways if you cannot locate a company or government agency to accept them and recycle. You can take them to Thrift stores that can easily sell them to their customers if they are in good condition, or they can easily convert them to their own use.
  4. Other centers that can appreciate to use your old storage bins are senior centers, local charities, orphanages or childcare centers, schools, prison houses, and several other places.
  5. Your old plastic storage will be useful around your home in some other ways like using it to keep your garden supplies, pesticides, and herbicides.
  6. Old storage bins can also be reused in your garage to keep away dusty shoes and sandals, or dog’s gear and kits. You can also put another bin at the rear of your car to keep away the children’s wet and sandy clothes whenever you leave the beach.
  7. Reuse your old storage bins as a home for the worms if you have a dream of starting a worm bin. The old plastic storage container could serve as a good home for your worms because it will not be easily destroyed like a wooden storage bin.
  8. You can use the old plastic containers to keep some recyclable things in your home like the plastic films and other things to be taken to the local recycling center.
  9. The plastic storage containers can be useful in storing baby food bags, plastic bags, and so on.